Off-White Women’s SS18





Sept 28th

I always love taking a stroll around Champs Elysées, the bright lights, l’Arc De Triomphé, and the tourists around the avenue makes it such a special scene on any day, but this day wasn’t just any day, It was the 4th day of Paris Fashion Week and the main event of the night was Virgil Abloh’s  Off-White™ Runway Show labeled ” Natural Woman ”

Virgil’s creative Couture meets street Idea has taken over Fashion, with Off-White™ Becoming one of the main Labels in the Fashion World. I attended the Off-White™ Men’s SS18 Showroom labeled  ” Temperature™ “  at the EMPTY Gallery in Paris this summer, with my close friend Ayrton  from Toulouse and Paris based Romanian photographer Alex Rosu , upon arriving at the Men’s SS18 Event  , I met and talked with people such as Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Carmelo Anthony, Serge Ibaka , Jerry Lorenzo, and many others. After witnessing the Men’s SS18 Collection I was so amazed at every detail/artwork that Off-White and Jenny Holzer put together , it confirmed to me that Off-White had certainly peaked and I needed to see more. Off-White recently released the most anticipated sneaker collaboration of the year with the recreation of 10 Nike Classics debuting with the Off-White Air Jordan 1’s  which made major waves and with the upcoming  Jimmy Choo collaboration for the Runway Show labeled  ” Natural Woman “ honoring Princess Diana, All eyes were on Off-White to shine during this Paris Fashion Week.



IMG_0085 7AF393D4-7739-4589-9E8F-5C0FC372478AInvitations for the Off-White™ Runway Show, the photo of Princess Diana during her holiday in Portofino, Italy is pictured on the invite






” Off-White On a Off Night ”


Model Off Duty


“Before the Off-White™ Show” Featuring  Georgia Fowler



IMG_0184The outfit of  Jourdan Dunn is sealed up and ready for the show with the description and details incorporated above







5C2C930B-063A-40C9-B552-40B43E1BA0EECA010F22-5CE1-4FCE-B610-8DE22F0350FB   Luka Sabbat


E0806724-983E-431A-BD6E-159E629A07246F64C058-A4F5-49CC-8F9B-FF3812DA78B8 Justin O’shea



The Off-White™ Show

” Natural Woman “



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