Dior Women’s SS18



Sept 26th, 2017

As I touched down at the Gare De Montparnasse train station in Paris around 11am, I could feel the excitement of Paris Fashion Week in the air. With the expected arrivals of many big names for the annual Fashion week in the French capital, I knew it was certainly a good time to be in Paris. I stopped by a local cafe shop next to the station, ordered a double espresso and got my fashion week off to an electric start.


I arrived at the scene of Dior around 2pm, Musée Rodin is the usual venue for the Dior Runway show, with it’s beautiful Parisian architecture and open garden  entrance, Musée Rodin  is one of my favorite venues and it is the perfect place to host a fashion event. I made it just in time to witness the chaos of fashion week street style, a whole street filled with Celebrities, Models, Photographers, Bloggers, Designers, and many people from all over the world attending the anticipated ” Dior Day “. As one of the main events during this Women’s Spring Summer 18 Paris Fashion week, Dior Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri  certainly did not disappoint with another amazing collection put on display.


Dior Galore

PFW_DIOR-252PFW_DIOR-242PFW_DIOR-104PFW_DIOR-100 IMG_1476As expected,  Chiara  and Valentina Ferragni were a major hit at Dior, Chiara who was recently nominated by Fashion Net Awards for blogger of the year, mentioned that it is always a pleasure to attend this event especially with the support of her sister by her side


PFW_DIOR-392IMG_0046PFW_DIOR-385PFW_DIOR-80PFW_DIOR-397IMG_0043When Karlie Kloss pulls up it’s sure to be paparazzi pandemonium. We know Ms. Kloss is a “Fashion Killa” but I’m extremely impressed by her work in the community, with the  Kode With Klossy  Project which empowers Young Women Developers to create a national community, become leaders, and also change the role of girls in today’s world of technology.  ( @Capbylv )


PFW_DIOR-273.jpgFounder of the Milan Based Fashion Label ” Off-White “, Virgil Abloh gets ready to observe the Dior show put on by Maria Grazia Chiuri


PFW_DIOR-160PFW_DIOR-165PFW_DIOR-166PFW_DIOR-420PFW_DIOR-173PFW_DIOR-174IMG_0048.JPGIMG_0044 When I talked to Camila after the show she said ” it felt so magical almost like I was in dream land the entire show, it was really well put together” Also Camila calls Massachusetts home having lived there for many years, something we both have in common


IMG_0049PFW_DIOR-371PFW_DIOR-369IMG_1504 IMG_1497 Caroline Daur arriving at Musée Rodin in style, when I asked Caroline what she thought about the Dior show she said ” honestly I want to wear everything, I fell in love with every outfit especially the gowns”


PFW_DIOR-291PFW_DIOR-294PFW_DIOR-296 IMG_1542IMG_0045London based model/Entrepreneur Doina Ciobanu, This was without a doubt my favorite look of the day, Doina spoke about how excited she was to be at Dior and mentioned that it’s such an exciting feeling being here at musée Rodin “because it is not just any show but it’s the Dior show”


PFW_DIOR-346295D2F6E-5DBA-4A90-8790-ADD3852BE1F44AAE8C18-5A21-4559-88CF-35859046673FJasmine Sanders


PFW_DIOR-404PFW_DIOR-399Winnie Harlow


PFW_DIOR-90PFW_DIOR-221PFW_DIOR-226Negin Mirsalehi

































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